Our credo as a firm:

• We are here to serve our clients.

• Each time a client walks into our office, the client will be treated with promptness and respect, regardless of the nature of the matter. We will handle a client’s legal affairs in a timely, confidential, cost-effective, and professional manner.

• Our relationships with clients are built one success at a time on the basis of the quality of our work. Our mission is to satisfy our clients beyond their expectations.

• Our function is often adversarial. However, we will always endeavor to treat our clients’ opponents and their representatives with courtesy, respect, and consideration.

• We will be passionate advocates for our clients but will not become personally involved in their matters. Personal involvement will not serve our clients—it will cloud our judgment and our understanding of our function.

• Clients entrust great responsibility to us. We must always be mindful of this and thankful and grateful to our clients for their trust and confidence in us.

• Our reputation is built upon our performance in our relationships with clients. It is our greatest asset. We must always endeavor to maintain a reputation for professionalism, hard work, honesty, and integrity.