"John D'Amato is one of my most valued resources. He is knowledgeable, accessible, resourceful, and always reliable. Mr. D'Amato can always be counted on to calmly navigate through seemingly complicated matters with favorable outcomes. I would refer any of our clients to Mr. D'Amato for legal assistance with their benefit programs. "
-Bonnie Pang, Atlas Insurance Agency, Inc.

"We are a third party administrator for qualified retirement plans and have worked with John D'Amato on several occasions. His results have been spectacular. He has gotten resolution to knotty problems for sanctions that were pennies on the dollar that I expected to see assessed by various governmental agencies. A true miracle worker in my book."
-David Ryding, Truog-Ryding Company, Inc.

"John D'Amato was able to navigate a very confusing QDRO overpayment situation two years after my divorce and after 10 months of back and forth with the plan administrator who made the overpayment. Before I was referred to John by my financial advisor, I had several other attorneys review my case, and they had no idea where to even start. John took charge and represented me with the best possible outcome and resolved the issues promptly. He was extremely knowledgable and very easy to work with. You are in great hands when John is on your side. I highly recommend John D'Amato."
-Elizabeth Baker,

"John D'Amato was recommended to me by a Pension Services Company in Alaska to help resolve a deceased relative's Profit Sharing Trust (PST) Estate in Hawaii. Thank Goodness, because John is the best. He was able to review the PST and communicate the issues and potential solutions in a clear and understandable way. John's expertise saved the PST thousands of dollars, both working with difficult Hawaiian Banks and the IRS. I would you recommend John for any and all benefits matters!"
-Karen Abney

"John is an exceptional Attorney. He is very knowledgeable about Administrative Law, is extremely organized, articulate and very conscientious. Without a doubt, he pays close attention to detail and as a result, he excels in his legal representation of his clients. On short notice, John agreed to represent me in two legal matters and prevailed in both. Without a doubt, he is the best Attorney in town and I recommend that he be recognized as "Lawyer of the Decade" !! Highly Recommended!
-Vladmir Korolev

We were told by another attorney that "John D'Amato is the best at what he does". John surpassed all of our hopes and expectations. His diligence and expertise in his field of practice made us feel empowered - though as most, legal jargon had us dumfounded. John is understanding and kind, yet frank and to the point. We will not hesitate to recommend our associates to John D'Amato.
-Jovanna Nathaniel

John's ability to sort through difficult issues and to develop a well thought-out plan of action makes him one of the best in his field."
-Bonnie Fong, Bank of Hawaii

"John D'Amato helped us settle a claim for false and deceptive trade practices against an investment advisory company. Throughout the process he worked tirelessly on our behalf, showing great integrity and absolute commitment to the success of our case. His written work was excellent and his legal analysis was insightful, thorough, and practical. Most importantly, he always listened carefully to our questions and concerns and responded quickly with clear analysis and advice. John is truly an attorney of the very highest caliber."
-Gail Migita, Albert and Rose Shinkawa

"John is an outstanding attorney in every way. His knowledge of ERISA is superb and his awareness of the case law is vast. He provides an in-depth understanding of the case history and is able to communicate the nuances to the layman. His work ethic is extraordinary and he treats every client with respect. He is quick to respond to all questions and issues, and when he is not sure about something, he will respond as such, and will then research it to clarify the issue. He is well regarded in the community and I would not use any other lawyer in this area of expertise."
-James Karins, President, Pukoa Scientific

"Besides being extremely knowledgeable, John D'Amato really looks out for the best interests of the client. In resolving an issue we had with our pension plan, it really felt like John was approaching it as if the problem was his. John kept us well informed throughout the whole process and was on top of everything down to minute details. He was very easy to work with, very accessible, and explained everything to us so that we could understand. John also has an unsurpassed work ethic and worked long hours late into the night in order for us to make filing deadlines. His style is also very pleasant to work with; it felt like we were not only his clients but also his friends that he wanted to sincerely help. I only wished we had known him earlier."
-Mike Nitta, CFO, Castle Resorts & Hotels, Inc

"John D'Amato is a straight shooter and patient to a tee. I trust his analysis of our situations. He makes "plan documents" easy to understand for our employees."
-Myra O'Brien, Employee Benefits Administrator, Hawaiian Electric Co.

"I am delighted to recommend Mr. D'Amato. His representation for me has been excellent. His communication is prompt and clear. As a client, I feel that I have been kept abreast of all developments in my case."
-Philip Van Steenwyk

"John D'Amato's knowledge and expertise in the ERISA field is truly exceptional. He is always timely in his responding and a pleasure to work with. John is well respected in the legal and local community. I would highly recommend his services to anyone."
-Wanda Sanchez, Vice President, Bank of Hawaii

"John D'Amato worked tirelessly on a long-outstanding unresolved issue and helped to bridge the gap between uncooperative parties helping us to avoid expensive litigation. John was professional throughout the process and was never discouraged by the twists and turns in the process."
-Wes Thiessen, CFO, Craig Wireless Systems Ltd.

"John has assisted The Gas Company in our transition of benefits from one owner to the next, as well as the review of plan documents for compliance purposes and the preparation of reports to the IRS. I have been impressed with John's thoroughness and commitment to get the job done on a timely basis. He has been responsive to any questions or concerns General Counsel or I have had on the projects being worked on, and he takes the time to ensure that we are all on the same page. John is an extremely powerful communicator with the written language covering all points that need to be addressed and concluding with convincing rationale. Plus, I think he's a nice guy to work with."

"It is a pleasure working with John D'Amato. He has sound technical expertise with practical application."

"John is very responsive and knowledgeable. I respect his work and integrity. He is thorough in his analysis of the issue and comes up with thoughtful responses to help us deal with difficult issues. I would trust him as I would a family member."

"In 2004 I was victimized by unscrupulous "financial advisers" who enticed me to buy into an "IRS pre-certified" VEBA for our company. Within three years this triggered off a massive audit that spanned 8 years and is just now reaching resolution. In addition to increased taxes and interest, the IRS slapped us with a $1 million penalty, imposed a levy on our earnings and threatened to attach our bank accounts and properties. John D'Amato tenaciously defended us against the IRS and pursued the promoters, including the insurance company, until they refunded their ill-gotten gains. To this date the IRS is giving us abatements on the withheld funds. Should this nightmare ever happen to you, the man to call is John D'Amato."

"John D'Amato is extremely thorough and knowledgeable in his field of expertise. He has been of great assistance to our company which has also led me to confidently refer clients to him as well."

"In an inscrutable area of the law, John is a source of invaluable (and scrutable) advice. He is prompt, courteous, effective, and as knowledgeable in his area as anyone we've dealt with. He is capable of taking the most esoteric problems and making them understandable to the outsider."
-Kenneth Marcus, Director, Starn O'Toole Marcus & Fisher

"I never thought I'd ever need a lawyer, and always dreaded having to obtain one. However, the day did come when I did, and happily I was referred to Mr. D'Amato as an expert in his field. He is. He is an honorable pit bull. He is knowledgeable, firm, and tenacious; he is able to apply experience with understanding. He is also a gentleman. With complete honesty, he explores what can be and what can't be, what is likely versus what isn't, and advises accordingly, not sugar-coating anything. Thank you, Mr. D'Amato, for caring and knowing. You've made my experience with lawyers a very good one. Reader, if you need such a lawyer, Mr. D'Amato should be your choice. "
-Catherine Robinson

"Thank goodness John D'Amato doesn't limit his practice to representing only the Employer side of Employee Benefits. He knows the law applicable to both sides thoroughly, and what he seeks is resolution, while firmly representing the interests of his client. He thinks so fast on his feet, it's scary sometimes. However, he will take the time to explain things to whatever level you need, in terms you can understand. He'll respond to every request, big or little, promptly and thoroughly. He knows just when to be compassionate, and when to be firm. His professional courtesy is impeccable; he always takes the high road, but he won't hesitate to up the ante if need be. Needing a lawyer can be a pretty scary thing. There are a lot of sharks in the sea. John D'Amato is special - he's `aumakua."
-Pam Owensby

"John is an excellent attorney and he is great to work with. We have used his firm for ERISA issues and have been impressed by his depth of knowledge and his ability to quickly comprehend and solve our issues. John always gives us a thorough understanding of the laws that are impacting our situation. From that starting framework, he then provides us with excellent analysis of our options and provides timely and cost-effective resolutions for our issues. John's overall customer service is excellent."
-Benjamin Godsey, President, ProService Hawaii

"John provides just what is needed: an exhaustive analysis of the legal landscape and a practical way to navigate its currents in a way that achieves an appropriate outcome."
-Bob Maynard, President, Aloha Petroleum, Ltd.